Saturday, 13 June 2015


We left Robinetta on a mooring near Goat Island and walked round towards the bus station. We fly to Glasgow at 12:25 and then take the train home. We'll be back in a month.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Days in Stornoway

Stornoway is a great place from which to explore Lewis, so we hired a car yesterday while Robinetta sat in the marina, sporting a few new patches of grey metallic primer. She is looking much shabbier this year than last, mostly because we did not have enough time to get her ready. Hopefully the grey metallic will stop water getting under more of the paintwork and increasing next winter's work!
Butt of Lewis
Meanwhile Julian drove us from the Butt of Lewis, to Carloway Broch, then Callanish, Great Bernera, and down the Uig penninsula. These are all places we would have loved to have sailed to, but the weather did not co-operate.

Callanish II stone circle
Today Julian totalled up our three week trip. Robinetta (and Worm) have travelled 282 nm in 91 hours under way, 32 of those with the engine on. We only made one passage on engine alone - the short hop from Kyle Rhea to Loch Hourn. We did motor sail now and again but unlike last year, most passages were sailed. We spent 8 days ashore either stormbound or sightseeing. Despite the weather we made full use of our time and achieved all our main objectives.
Bostadh iron age house on Great Bernera

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Skebadale Bay

 Skebadale Bay is gorgeous, and very close to where the Lewis Chessmen were found.

Bosta - Great Bernera

The main island in the beautiful Loch Rog. The Iron Age house reconstruction has a thatched roof in most photos online but they have now replaced it with turf as the thatch was only lasting a couple of years.

One of twelve tide bells installed around the British Isles. It rings at high water.


Some photos.

Dun Carloway Broch

A few photos - I'll try and add some text later.

Butt of Lewis

The Butt of Lewis is officially the windiest place in the UK.

The light house has been converted so it no longer has a traditional Fresnel lens.

The cliffs are spectacular. From some aspects there is a weird optical illusion where the left hand bay looks about 300 feet below the level of the water to the right of it and the far right ocean looks even higher. It doesn't show in these pictures.
Even on the calmest day we had, the surf is impressive.

Nesting shags are a feature. I'm quite pleased with the new camera. These are at almost full (50x) zoom.

We aren't sure what these birds are.
The seals seemed to be enjoying the surf.